The Triple-7 Challenge: "Losers Weepers" edition

What better way to smash the champagne bottle on my new website/blog than to participate in a challenge? I was nominated by fellow Paranormal Anthology author, Nicole Payne to take part in the 777 Challenge. *virtual fist bump of thanks* Sorry it took me a bit to comply. Life.


As the manuscript of my novel doesn't actually have a page 7 quite yet, I'm going to share an excerpt from my first published short story, debuting in Xchyler Publishing’s newest paranormal collection this fall.

The book’s title: Soon to be determined 

The book’s theme: “Losers Weepers”

My short story’s title: “Dead Water”

In this scene, brothers Graham and Tommy McQueen have realized their broken-down truck has effectively stranded them on a deserted road in the backwoods of Michigan  with no visible means of rescue. They begin what amounts to the most frightening trek of their lives. And yeah, okay, I kind of broke the rules by including 9 lines.

They cleaned out any valuables from the truck cab then grabbed their bags from the bed. Graham slung the strap of his ancient duffel across his shoulders, the bag hitting him at the hip. Tommy managed to hook his left arm through the strap of his military-issue backpack, the name McQueen standing out at the top in black letters. Graham watched as Tommy worked to shrug the pack onto his right shoulder. Unable to help himself, he stepped forward, intending on sliding the strap in place for his brother.
"I got this," Tommy said softly, halting Graham's movement.
"I'm just gonna--"
"I said I got it." In an instant, Tommy's low voice lost its softness and turned into a thing with edges that sliced just from the pain of existing.

That's it for now, folks. Tune in for the full story - along with its 11 companions - in October! I believe all of my fellow anthology authors have been tagged by others, but there's no harm in double-tagging, yeah? Therefore, I'm tagging the following writers I'd like to see more from:

JA Allen

AF Stewart

J. Aurel Guay

Julie Barnson

Peter Dawes

TC Nicolls

Jen Kirchner

Of course, if you read this and want to play along, far be it from me to stop you. Tagging is only the start of the adventure.