Universal Disclaimer: I'm borrowing these characters for each story and having my way with them, happily so. I get nothing but enjoyment from writing these stories.


Title: Breaking Point
Fandom: Timeless
Characters: Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, Garcia Flynn, Jiya - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set after S1 Epi 9, Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde. After bouncing erratically through time for a confusing week, Flynn finally lands at one point in history long enough for the team to go after him. They are immediately thrown into the turmoil of World War I, wreaking havoc on Wyatt. When Lucy is captured as a means to manipulate the team, Wyatt and Rufus take a calculated, but dangerous risk to get her back.

Title: The Raid
Fandom: Timeless
Characters: Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, Garcia Flynn - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set sometime after S1 Epi 7, Stranded. Kansas, 1863. Tracking Flynn to Lawrence, the day before Quantrill’s raiders burned the town to the ground, the team works furiously to determine what the rogue traveler has planned. However, an ambush, a grievous wound, and seemingly impossible odds turn enemies into allies in a bid for survival.

Teen Wolf

Title: Conairt
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stalinski, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Chris Argent, Kira Yukimura, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, Sheriff Stalinski, Alan Deaton, Theo Raeken - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: A re-imagined ending of 5.10, Status Asthmaticus, and AU from there. The True Alpha rises solely on the strength and purity of character, by sheer force of will. Scott McCall was soon to realize his character came from his connection to his friends. Without that, not even his status as a true alpha can save him. Title is Gaelic for “pack.”

Daredevil and Defenders (Marvel TV Show, Netflix)

Title: Devil You Know
Fandom: Defenders, Daredevil
Characters: Matt Murdock, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Jessica Jones, Claire Temple, Misty Knight - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set between The Defenders S1:E6 Ashes to Ashes and S1:E7 Fish In a Jailhouse. Sometimes the only way to find balance is to trust someone unstable. Matt’s world is swiftly turning sideways and the people he once turned to are not the ones who can save him this time.

TitleDevil to Pay
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt Murdock, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Claire Temple, cameos by Karen Page and Father Lantom - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: One month post Season 1. Matt had been so fixated on those looking to destroy the people of his city, he missed those looking to destroy him. Or, how the sins of the father are revisited on the son…and everyone the son loves.

“Seeing Matt like this – bruised and bloodied – it should seem to Foggy that his friend was broken and weak. But instead all he saw was power. Matt was pure, coiled power, nothing but bone, muscle, and skin out there fighting off the bad guys. Saving people from the darkness. Fighting for what he wanted: the people in his city safe from fear.”

TitleDevil's Own
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt Murdock, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Claire Temple, Karen Page, Father Lantom - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set post S1. Daredevil may be the Man Without Fear, but Matt Murdock is terrified all the time, especially when the law isn’t enough and Daredevil can’t save everyone. It’s said that there is someone in Hell’s Kitchen who will hear a cry for help, but what if the person calling out is Matt? Who saves him when Daredevil can’t?

Hawaii Five-0

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters/Setting: Primarily Steve and Danny, though the rest of the crew is present
Rating:: PG
Summary: Tag for Episode 5.07, Ina Paha. He'd seen him battered, he'd seen him bloody, but until this moment, he'd never seen him broken.

TitleMalama Pono
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters/Setting: Tag to 2.10, focus on Steve, but all characters prsent
Rating:: PG
Summary: Trust is never easy, and everyone has their limits. Even Superman. Steve's POV. In Hawaiian, Malama pono is used to say, keep doing what you do so well and implies that you are doing that which you were clearly meant to do.

Sons of Anarchy

TitleBroken Crown
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Characters:Primarily Jax and Opie, but other Sons make a show - GEN
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Season 1, sometime before Episode 7, Old Bones. Jax and Chibs cover a delivery of guns to a remote location in the California foothills; Opie follows, not liking the way the job fell to Jax's shoulders. Enter the Mayans, a botched theft, and a deserted mountain pass and chaos ensues.

White Collar

TitleFortunate Son
Fandom: White Collar
Characters:Neal, Peter
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Caught in the demolition of an abandoned building, Peter and Neal are hurt, trapped, and running out of time. But it's in those moments they realize that it's not enough to know what someone is. To learn who they are, they have to ask the big questions.

The Young Riders

TitleA Home For Better Men
Fandom: Young Riders
Characters: All characters with a focus on the Kid, Ike, Jimmy, and Cody
Rating:: PG
Summary: Returning from a special delivery ride, Kid and Ike are attacked by a mountain lion, leaving the Kid grievously wounded. Ike returns to get Jimmy's help, leaving the station short several riders. Meanwhile, to pick up the slack, Cody embarks on what becomes the longest ride of his life.